Saturday, July 02, 2005

Primo B's

Last night was an obligatory $100 hamburger flight to Primo Barone's at Venango Regional Airport. About an hour flight from the home base, with generally good Italian food and awesome views of the runways.

Launched about 7:45 or so, after topping off the tanks. Caught a nice tailwind and made in there in about 45 minutes. There was some strong crosswinds just as I cleared the runway on takeoff until I was about 1000 AGL, then everything smoothed out.

Shortly after taking off and establishing VFR flight following, I heard a Meridian check in, cleared to FKL as well. Needless to say, by the time we landed, 1AR was parked on the ramp and its occupants were already eating. Oh, isn't that the good life.

PB's had a little jazz trio playing and it was nice. Even our server who sang was passable. One of the other singers -- from the audience -- was positively terrible. Left me with pain in my ears...

Regrettably, the dinner this time was awful. My pasta had no taste, and G's orange roughy stuffed with crab and huge chunks of celery. Hello in the kitchen, have we heard of "mincing"???

Launched for home about 9:50 or so before the occupants of 1AR had climbed in. Weather was nice, and we were treated to spectacular views flying over various firework displays. 1AR checked in 20 minutes later -- and then managed to beat us back to his home base, about 15 miles east of ours. Only had to descend once to avoid some clouds, so it made for a good night cross-country.

I forgot the camera, so no photos to prove that any of this really happened...