Monday, March 02, 2015

Civil Air Patrol and IFR Immersion

Between the frigid temperatures, reckless amounts of snow, and ridiculously tall snow drifts, N62TB hasn't even left the hangar in nearly two months.  But, aviation's been active nonetheless, on two fronts.

First, I've become active in the Civil Air Patrol, specifically the Lorain County Composite Squadron (OH-003) based on Lorain County Airport.  Most of the preliminary requirements have been met, so am just waiting on the formal Mission Scanner training to begin - hopefully soon!

Second, to enhance my comfort level in flying approaches in actual conditions with 2TB, I've been assembling a plan to make a trip to fly a series of unusual or challenging approaches.  Here's the current plan:

The final tally is 1460 miles, 10+ hours, and 17 total approaches (3 GPS, 3 VOR/DME, 1 LOC, 1 LOC BC, 4 ILS, 1 VOR/DME, 2 LDA, 1 SDF [only two of these in service the US!], and 1 VOR). 

 Stay tuned for further details!