Friday, December 16, 2011

States Visited: An Update

Rifling through the virtual pages of the blog led the IFR Pilot to realize that the "States Visited" page hadn't been updated since the acquisition of 2TB.  So, after combing through the various routes listed in the logbook, here's the updated map:

Monday, December 12, 2011

Still Around

This weekend saw N62TB used both days.  First time in some time the IFR Pilot has flown on both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday involved a few takeoffs and landings, showing N62TB to a prospective partner.  Inbound to KMFD, the ATIS had the following notice:  "Caution, the firing range next to the airport is active."  That was just a wee bit disturbing to hear!

Sunday involved a quick trip to Dayton for lunch with a relative attending UD.  A lovely day to fly in Northeast Ohio, with visibility stretching to the horizon and relatively calm winds.  Only a matter of time before the Lake Effect Snow Machine kicks into high gear and the aviating gets shut down.

Stay tuned for more adventures!