Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Backup GPS

Ordered a new backup GPS today. There's a Garmin 430 on the panel in our plane, and it's a beauty to fly with. But, you never know when something's gonna crap out. And I'm not wild about the thought of being in remote parts of Canada trying to navigate solely by pilotage (that is, navigating by means of visual landmarks and references). I'll take a battery-powered GPS any day over that, making sure, of course, that I stuff lots of AA batteries into my already burgeoning flight bag!

So, when I got an advertisement for a Lowrance Airmap 500 for a price well below that which everyone else sells them for, I jumped all over that. Getting it now means that I've got plenty of time to make some flights with it and learn all of its features before lauching in July for Alaska.

Saturday's destination is the AOPA Open House in Frederick, Maryland. P-40 is to be avoided, of course. Hopefully, they will have better weather for it than last year. We'll see...

We begin...

Here's a little blog of my flying adventures, principally including this summer's little jaunt from the Midwest to Alaska and back. Cheers!