Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Day 4 Prelude

Mornin' race fans. It's 5:52 a.m. local time in Grand Prairie and the sun is already assaulting us in our hotel room. There's 19 hours of sunshine today, as we near the land of the midnight sun.

A slight crises was avoided this morning, when the IFR Pilot nearly decided to go on strike. The bed was quite comfy, and I was planning to picket for better working conditions. But, then I realized that I was also management, and a tough negotiator, so I was unlikely to prevail. So I got out of bed and we'll be catching the 6:15 shuttle to the airport.

First stop will be Dawson Creek, for Mile 1 of the Alaska Highway. Then, on to Ft. Nelson and then Watson Lake. Hopefully, Mother Nature will cooperate. Y'all keep your fingers crossed, OK?

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GC said...


I'm having a great time reading of your trip. Keep it coming!!

Fly Safely, while you're at it!