Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Day 4 Quick Summary

The Dynamic Duo are at it agan. We're on the ground in Watson Lake, Yukon Territory, Canada. That's right boys and girls, the IFR Pilot managed to fly the Alaska Highway from Grand Prairie to Dawson Creek, Ft. St. John, Ft. Nelson, and then to Watson Lake. Shout out to the taxpayers of Watson Lake, whose fine Canadian tax dollars paid for the library computer that I'm borrowing. If I had thought to bring the laptop, I could have tapped into the wi-fi and delivered stunning pictures of the various mountain passes we traversed to get here. Sadly, the IFR Pilot didn't anticipate that one, so the pictures will have to wait. But, Randy, just for you, I got a special picture coming. Wait and see....

We did the sightseeing thing in both Dawson Creek, which by now you know is Mile 1 of the Alaska Highway (but which didn't have decent greasy spoon open for breakfast at 7:30 a.m.), and Watson Lake, home of the sign forest. Something like 54,000 signs at last count, nearly a year ago.

We're laying over for the night, enjoying the peace and quiet of the remote Yukon. If all goes well -- and we truly have been blessed by OUTSTANDING weather to this point -- the next post should arrive from the comfort of a hotel in Fairbanks. Y'all keep your fingers crossed. IFR Pilot, out.

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