Thursday, July 14, 2005

Day 5, The Sightseeing

We decided to lay over in Whitehorse and do some sightseeing. The FBO of choice is "North of 60 Aviation," which has rooms right here in the FBO, including showers and towels for $50 Canadian a night.

First stop on the list of things to see: World's largest weathervane:

Here's the story behind the aircraft itself, CF-CPY:

Whitehorse is surrounded by mountains that afford a spectacular view. I'm certain that my totally amateurish photography skills don't capture the real essence, but hey, I'm here, you're not, so take what you can get (and e-mail me for help planning your own trip, I'm an expert now, you know):

The airport is located on a bluff about 200 feet above the town. Last fall, the city fathers built a path around the airport to a staircase the leads down to the city. It's a long way down:

Worse yet, it's a long way back up (and we did, in fact, climb it when we were done checking out the town; therefore, I can now say with complete credibility that I have been hiking in the Yukon!):

Even kids in the Yukon have to raise money for their soccer teams:

Here's to you, Randy. Sorry, there's nothing left of the French Silk Pie blizzard:

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