Monday, July 04, 2005

Provisions Update

Emergency food acquired: big jar of Peanut Butter, some pop-top cans of tuna and chicken, and some PowerBars. Thanks ~G~! Also got some emergency blankets (the thin, silvery kind) and some water purifying tablets. Saw that Wal-Mart has, for $12, a beginners fishing set, including rod and reel, various lures and tackle, etc. May have to pick that up to meet the Alaska requirement. Hopefully, we'll never use and I can take it back when I get back.

Also picked up a couple of sectionals today. Still need Chicago. That's the next sectional over from Detroit, and our pilot shop apparently didn't think it necessary to order some of those. Go figure.

I still need to order a Canada Flight Supplement and approach plates. I may have to break down and get them from Sporty's. Even though they are the most expensive, they are close to home, so I know that I'll get them before we blast off on Saturday morning!

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