Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Day 11 Summary

There's but one word to describe today: Foiled. A low pressure system has swept into Northern Alberta from the Gulf of Alaska, and it's turning things to crud. We woke to showers and low clouds. I would have been happy to go back to bed, but we were expecting an 8:30 shuttle to the airport. We figured we'd have the same good luck we've had for the last 11 days, so we'd wait it out at the airport lounge.

After the bus was 15 minutes late -- an impending omen -- the hotel arranged another ride for us. Good thing we weren't trying to catch a scheduled flight. We then spent the better part of the day looking out the window at the clouds, and checking weather in the Nav Canada pilot kiosk.

Around 2:30 p.m., after spending a bit of time chatting things up with some corporate pilots that were also there, and catching a quick bit of shuteye, the IFR Pilot got on the phone with the weather briefers in Edmonton. Things were lifting, although they were still skittish to the southeast, with the ceiling at 2500. The terrain rises to 2300 feet in the area, so flying along at 4500 feet would have been dicey -- but certainly doable. What really caught the IFR Pilot's attention was the briefers warning of "possible moderate thunderstorms with potential for hail." Sorry, say no more, we're done for the day. Everything didn't look better after lunch today.

So, we're back at the Holiday Inn Grande Prairie for another night. High pressure should be arriving tomorrow, so we're aiming for Cut Bank, Montana, and a return to the USA.

Y'all stay tuned, I'm sure there's more adventures to come. I've got about another week before I have to be back at my desk...


Randy said...

Always an adventure! I suppose Mother Nature had to intervene at some point. Loved the seaplane shots. Good call. It looks like ~g~ will have to save lots of pennies for your next birthday present! Alaska this year...Central America next year?

~G~ said...
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