Saturday, July 16, 2005

Day 8 Summary

So, there's not much to say about this day beyond what I already told y'all. We left Fairbanks at 7:35 for Northway. You wouldn'tbelieve the number of planes on the ramp at Fairbanks:

Here's the pilot lounge, in case any of you are interested:

Made it to Northway in 1.9 hours. No pie for Dad this time. Good thing, he's starting to show acouple of pounds after all that ice cream and pie. The IFR Pilot, of course, remains as svelte as always.... (Just kidding. On both fronts.)

Blasted out of Northway, and had a heck of a ride to Whitehorse. Constant light chop, with intermittent periods of more-than-just-light chop. The mountains were still there; they hadn't gon eanywhere in the three days that have passed since we last saw them. Go figure.

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Mary Cline said...

Hi Bill and Daryl.

I'm reading every day. Great trip. All is well here. See you when you get home.

Love, ME