Saturday, June 23, 2012

Still Kicking, Still Flying

Well, hello there friends.  Bet you thought this little blog was defunct.  Can't blame you, it's been four months or so since the IFR Pilot last posted.  

N62TB continues to be in the fold and getting flown more often.  In fact, 2012 is looking like it might reverse the trend of the last few years of continued decreases in the total number of flying hours.  Here's what shows for annual flight hours:

Took a long trip to NOLA earlier this year, which really helped boost the flight hours.  Hoping there might be at least one more long trip before December arrives and we have to sum up the year's flying activity.

SM rode along a $100 breakfast run to 38D this morning.  Been working on video production skills, so here's a campy little video highlight reel from today's jaunt through the skies.  Enjoy!