Monday, July 04, 2005

So You Want to Fly to Alaska???

After much careful study and false starts in planning a route, I herewith present for your consideration the final routing from home base to Fairbanks, Alaska. Derived from recommendations on and the Alaska Flying Guide for Cirrus Pilots.

Day 1:

15G via CGT to KDKB (DeKalb Taylor) for fuel. (2:56)
KDKB to KAIT (Aitkin) for overnight stop. (3:11)

Day 2:

KAIT to 48Y (Piney Pinecreek) to clear customs and top off tanks. (1:35)
48Y to CYYO (Wynyard, SK) for overnight stop. (3:14)

Day 3:

CYYO to CYXD (Edmonton City Center, Edmonton, BC) for fuel. (3:14)
CYXD to CYDQ (Dawson Creek, BC) for overnight stop. (2:25) Mile #1 of the Alaska Highway!!!

Day 4:

CYDQ via CYYE (Ft. Nelson, BC) to CYQH (Watson Lake, YT) for fuel. (3:02)
CYQH to CYXY (Whitehorse, YT) for overnight stop. (1:43)

Day 5:

CYXY to CYDA (Dawson City, YT) for fuel. (2:05)
CYDA to PAOR (Northway) to clear customs. (0:54)
PAOR to PAFA (Fairbanks) for lots of sightseeing and adventure! (1:45)

Total distance is 2934 nautical miles. Total no-wind flight time is 26:42. Total fuel is 267 gallons. Yeeeeehaaaaaaw, I'm ready to go.

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John said...

Sounds like quite a trip! I felt a bit of nostalgia when I saw you were planning to stop in DeKalb, IL for fuel. I did my first ever solo flight at DeKalb Muni, many years ago.