Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Saying Goodbye

The buyers showed on Friday and did a thorough prebuy on Mike Hotel. They poked and prodded, checked and rechecked. Having found the airplane to be as represented in our ads, an agreement was reached to sell our beloved Mike Hotel, subject only to a test flight that would occur the next morning when the forecast was set to improve.

Saturday morning was a big improvement from Friday, weatherwise. Still not great, but doable. MS handled the test flight with aplomb. Fitting that he'd get the last flight, because the IFR Pilot was the first leg pilot, way back in May of '06 when we began the ferry flight home from KSEE.

All too soon, it was time to say goodbye.

Here are the final numbers:
  • Total flights -115
  • Total time - 219.9
  • Night time - 11.8
  • Cross-country time - 167.9
  • Solo hours - 64.3
  • Day landings - 162
  • Night landings - 31
  • Instrument time - 29.4
  • Instrument approaches - 51
  • Best trip - ALL OF THEM
Now, for the $64,000 question. Mooney M20J, Beech Bonanza F33A, or Cirrus SR22?


Dave Starr said...

I was sad to see that you put MH up for sale, gad to see that you were able to find an agreeable deal so quickly, and happy to think you are proceeding toward a replacement .. I was afraid you were giving up on ownership. Any of those suggested replacements would be dandy ... since I'm an opinionated old man I have to say I am partial to the Beech, it's predecessors were around whne the world was new to me .. but you couldn't really go wrong with a Cirrus or a Mooney either. Best of luck with the search.

Postman said...

My money's on the Mooney...or the Cirrus. Beech has been done and done. I'm a little depressed to see Mike Hotel go, but now you've got the chance to try something new. Let us know what you decide...