Sunday, October 18, 2009

Candidate #2

Here's the #2 candidate. Based in Michigan, the owner reports he's willing to fly it here for a personal inspection.

Detail specifications:

1961 Beech Bonanza N35
  • 5318 TTAF
  • 104 TSOH on IO-470-B
  • 104 SPOH
  • New interior 2004 and new paint 2008
  • Avonics include PMA 7000B audio panel, Garmin 430, NSD360 HSI, KX155 w/ GS, STEC 50 auto pilot w/GPSS
  • PAV80 DVD driving display for rear seat
  • JPI EDM 700 engine analyzer
  • GAMI Injectors
  • Beryl d' Shannon tip tanks
  • Speed slope windshield

A nice, relatively understated paint scheme.

Clean panel. An HSI would be awesome step up from 2MH.

The transponder screams for an upgrade to a GTX-327 or -330. But, that could wait until the classic Narco goes Tango Uniform.

Despite being new, the seats suggest "old school." And, no heatrests.

This aircraft was involved in an incident in 1968. During a go-around, the commercial pilot/flight instructor, who was age 70 and had 17,000 hours total time and 5000 hours in type, inadvertently retracted the landing gear during a go-around. Damage was described as "substantial." No further details are presently available. Once again, an order has been placed with the FAA for the airplane's detailed records.

The owner appears to have taken great care of the airplane and invested heavily in it to make it a fine traveling machine. He has upgraded to a Baron and a Navajo, and has now decided to reduce the size of his fleet to just the Navajo. Asking price is $99,500 and is listed as "must sell."

Conclusion: Also still in the running. Working to gather more information about having a pre-buy done by someone with substantial experience with Bonanzas.

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Tim said...

I am liking the Bo. Especially the V-tail. Much roomier than the Mooney.