Sunday, April 08, 2007

Stag Flight 2007 - In Pictures

Two weeks late, but better late than never. Proud to present: The 2007 Stag Flight.


We blasted off into the clag, MS handling the aviating and IFR Pilot managing the communicating, including the air-to-air with our colleagues in the 182RG.

Approaching the Ohio River, things cleared up and we were treated to some spectacular views:

We landed at JWN, and headed to downtown Nashville for some grub for our hungry bellies.


Our colleagues in the 182RG. Smile, boys, you're on the blog!

Space Camp, here we come:

MS and the IFR Pilot put down in Alabama for some 100LL. The airport was rather quaint, and the fuel was attractively priced!

Look, Ma - Mike Hotel grew an extra engine. OK, just kidding, but this paint job was vaguely deja vu all over again.

Three miles base to final at Panama City. You don't want to be low on the glideslope here if you're inbound on the ILS:

Working off the intersecting runway was a banner tow operator. Wonder if this qualifies as an acrobatic move:

An old friend arrived before we did:

Views from the motel room:


Here's the "beach" that was out the back of our room. Hidden from view was the oil storage facility that abutted us.

Hmm, gonna be a long time before we get to the parking lot at the airshow...

OK, we're outta here. Let's hit New Orleans. Aerial tour of the Panhandle Beaches of Florida along the way:

Short final for Runway 18R at BKL. This makes the third time the IFR Pilot has handled the duties of landing at Lakefront, yet another airport that you want to be just a bit above the glideslope!

Another plane vaguely reminiscent of Mike Hotel. This one seats 6, however, and appears to have been well designed for this family's needs:

Nearly two years after Katrina, Lakefront is still struggling to mount a comeback.

And so are many homes in the city, although most have had the door signatures of the urban search and rescue teams painted over. Not this home, however:

While the streetcars haven't returned to St. Charles Avenue yet, they are plying their trade in the French Quarter:

Shipping along the River remains as vigorous as ever:

Strangers hamming for the IFR Pilot's camera:

Muffalata anyone?

How about a close up of that fine sandwich? (Hand modeling complements of MS.)

Jackson Square was partially occupied by a film crew, shooting a pilot of "K-Ville," a new series supposedly being developed for Fox.

Sights and sounds of the Quarter:

Recruiting standards for the NOPD appear dubious.

Not quite the Rebirth Brass Band, but they were still banging out quite the tunes.

Only in NOLA, baby!

For those in the know...

That's how we roll, drinks in the Quarter on a Saturday afternoon, BlackBerries close by:

With live jazz to boot!

The NOPD's French Quarter vehicles:


IFR takeoff:

Breaking up as we approach the North Shore of the Lake:

Downwind to the Tennessee fuel stop:

A little high on final:

That's more like it:

On the ground, safe and sound.

The crew car. MS did his best impersonation of Boss Hogg throughout the trek to Applebee's, the hottest Sunday afternoon luncheon joint in all of McMinnville, Tennessee!

Well, that's about it for the pictures.

2007 Stag Flight turned out not too bad, although MS and I deviated "slightly" from the advanced agenda.

Stay tuned for more adventures. The IFR Pilot returns to NOLA in early May for JazzFest! (Yes, K, I do have a day job...)


Dave Starr said...

Not 100% where that muffeletta came from but it looks a little poorly ... next time you visit the Crescent City, go to Central Grocery, 923 Decatur St. .... you'll be happy you did. Here's what the sandwhich is _supposed_ to look like:

IFR Pilot said...

Thanks, Dave. Actually, that muffalata was from Progress Grocery, and it was surely tasty! After 6+ years living in the Big Easy, I know all the good places to hit on a Saturday afternoon!

Dave Starr said...

Thanks for the tip ... my wife and I will be back in the US for a visit in October I think ... don't know if we'll make it to New Orleans but I'll make sure Progress Grocery is on the list if we do.