Thursday, April 26, 2007

Travels Abound

The IFR Pilot leaves tomorrow for Palm Springs for, ahem, "work." No, really, one must hob-nob with potential clients on the golf course and during the convention. I'll be there through Tuesday morning. Anyone want to go fly in the desert? I'm free on Saturday afternoon...

Then, I'm back in the office on Wednesday before blasting off on Thursday for -- hold on now -- New Orleans. Haven't been there in, what, a couple of weeks? This time, the plan is to take in JazzFest. For your viewing pleasure, here's a sample of what I'll be reveling in during three days of glory at the Fairgrounds:

Steely Dan

The Radiators

George Benson

John Mayer

Here's hoping I don't get too bad of a sunburn!

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k said...

Safe and happy travels!