Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Quick Update

Not much time to blog, dear readers. Here's a quick update from the trenches:

Commercial lesson #1 on Saturday. Chandelles, steep spirals, emergency descents. Wow, the ground comes at you fast at 120 knots!

Commercial lesson #2 on Tuesday. Lazy eights, eights on pylons. Not altogether bad, but nowhere near PTS standards, obviously. Much work to be done.

MS and I signed papers and purchased the hangar we've been renting for the last year. Building equity always better than paying rent.

More commerical lessons scheduled for Friday and Sunday. Stay tuned for further details! Now, back to work.


k said...

Congrats on your purchase! When there's time to post details, I'd like to hear the particular challenges for these maneuvers.

Paul in the CA Desert said...

Much like during my Private when I thought I would never be able to master landings, I swear I will never be able to do a lazy 8.