Sunday, March 25, 2007

We're Back!

MS and the IFR Pilot have returned from a glorious trip. A full report will follow after laundry is done, house is cleaned, and pictures are downloaded.

But here's a preview:

Thursday afternoon: Home Base to Nashville, TN. 1.5 hours hard IFR, headwinds. Should have ordered the ribs like everyone else.

Friday: Nashville, TN to Panama City, FL. Hooters. Golf. Beer. Trouble all around.

Saturday: Attempted Air Show. Totally FUBAR. What? New Orleans is only two hours away? We're outta here.

Saturday afternoon: Muffalatas on the levee. Drinks and live jazz in the Quarter. Way too much steak at Crazy Johnny's. Stop at store and buy as much Abita beer as Mike Hotel can hold when it already has clothes, golf clubs, art purchased in the gallery, etc.

Sunday: Dammit Millionaire, we said "fuel it to the TABS." That does NOT mean "fill it to the tops." Drain that NOW. A shame to waste 100LL. IFR from Lakefront to RNC. $2.99 100LL. VFR to the Home Base.

Whew, that's a massive amount of shenanigans in 3.5 days. But, no money was spent on bail, so I suppose that's a good thing.

Mike Hotel goes in for the Great GPS Swap tomorrow, so this should also prove to be an adventure-filled week.

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phil said...

jazz, flying and New Orleans, i'm very very envious.