Wednesday, January 31, 2007

T-minus seven days and counting

Long-time readers -- or at least those that have been here for about year or so -- will recall a visit to the ER that the IFR Pilot made. That turned into three days days in ICU, two pints of someone else's blood, and an endoscope. Followed by an eight-week regimine of Protonix and another endoscope, this one voluntary (it's amazing what you'll submit to in order to get medical clearance to fly).

That's what you get for taking too much ibuprofin: You burn a hole in your tummy. In other words, you give yourself an ulcer.

And it hurts bad when it starts to bleed. And when you lose so much blood, it wreaks havoc on your blood pressure. It's never been so low, thankyouverymuch.

Fast forward a year, your trusty narrator is cured. I've got the medical records to prove it.

Before any hard-earned money is dumped into flight training for the commerical license, wisdom and prudence dictate that we pay a visit to the AME and get that required second class medical. My current third class medical expires in April, so I'm not jumping the gun too much by going in now.

Thus, we see the AME this coming Tuesday at 7:30 a.m.

In a word: Yuck.

Have I mentioned my disdain for being a patient, even just for a flight medical?

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