Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Freelance Topics

The IFR Pilot's #6 goal for 2007 is to publish at least one freelance article on an aviation topic. Here are some ideas for articles, with working thoughts:

1. Stepping up: Buying your first complex aircraftAn account of issues involving in moving from a Cessna 172 to a Piper Arrow.

2. Flying to Alaska: Visiting America's Final Frontier by light aircraft. This would be a multi-part series on planning and executing a flight from the continental US to Alaska in a general aviation aircraft. Focus would be on how to do it without being part of a guided group.

3. FAA liability for ATC errors: Lessons from the crash of Comair 5191. This article would discuss circumstances in which the FAA can be held liable for money damages when an airplane crash is caused, in whole or in part, by the negligence of air traffic controllers. A more scholarly version might be developed for a legal journal.

4. Flying to the Bahamas: It's Easy! A rather self-explanatory title. This article would provide justification for actually making that flight, which others have already written about. Query to tax professionals: If the article is published, can the cost of the trip be deducted as a "business expense"?
After all, there's no credibility in writing about something you haven't actually done!

5. RITTRs: Getting a Direct Route Through Terminal Airspace While Flying IFR. The inspiration is a flight that MS just took, during which he wanted to transition CVG airspace on T-217. When he told the FSS briefer that he wanted "Tango 217," the briefer said "No such thing." This article would outline the origins and purpose of Are Naviation Instrument Flight Rules Terminal Transition Routes, the formal name for a RITTR (a/k/a Tango Airway).

Anyone care to provide some feedback on what you'd actually be interested in reading? Or suggestions as to other topics???


Anonymous said...

I like #1 & #5

k said...

As a student, I devour anecdotal articles about real experiences with practical lessons (ala Flight Training's "Learning Experiences" series). #5 sounds like that kind of article, and I bet you could find more in this category.

As a part-owner of a 172, #1 piques my interest. Reading of your inspection/maintenance adventures has been enlightening...

Jason said...

My vote would be (in order of preference):

2, 1, 4

I read the heck out of any of those. :)

I probably wouldn't read 3 and feel 5 would be of limited value to the general pilot community since it is solidly IFR oriented (though IFR people would like it).

Evan said...

Regarding the the trip to the Bahamas, if your "goal" is to have the article published then sure any expenses incurred would be deductible to make that trip to the Bahamas.

Big Country said...

I'm almost in line with Jason: 2, 4, 1.

#3 would probably be of interest to aviation attorneys on the plaintiff side, whereas most pilots and insurers are more worried about defendant liability.


Airplane said...

I like #4... That sounds like a TON of fun. Not sure I would want to do it on a single engine airplane though...


The Asian Badger said...

I think you have to go with what YOUR true interest is. I'm sure most people would like the complex aircraft purchase since it's what (almost) everyone wants to do.

The Bahamas would be great for ALL GA pilots and think of the deductions!! (How I was treated as a high-roller at Atlantis when all I did was request landing instructions.)

If you want to address some of the deficincies in the system, then the RITTR article would be the way to go (and my own preference).

Ultimately, I think you have to decide what your priorities are.

After pouring a libation, I think you should do the "Bahamas". Deductions and sun...fun.

sylvia said...

2, 3 and 4 -- although as the Asian Badger said, you need to write about the subjects that fire you up most :)