Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 Year in Review and 2007 Goals

Around this time last year, the IFR Pilot posted his goals for 2006. To review, they were four-fold:
  1. Private Multiengine rating
  2. Commercial (single-engine) certificate
  3. Aerial tour of San Francisco Bay Area with the Freight Dog [n/k/a Aviation Mentor]
  4. Five Angel Flights
Only two of the four were accomplished. Frequent readers will know that #3 and #4 got done (trip reports here, here (this one's actually not much of a report), and here), but #1 and #2 didn't. That's 50%. If the IFR Pilot were still in college, that would be an "F." If the IFR Pilot played professional baseball, a .500 batting average for the season would be in the record books and the IFR Pilot's mug would be cast in bronze and on display at Cooperstown.

On the flip side, however, the IFR Pilot sold 78S and acquired Mike Hotel with the indubitable MS. So the funds that were going to be invested to accomplish goal #1 were redirected. And goal #2 took a backseat to enjoying the heck out of Mike Hotel.

Of further note is that the IFR Pilot logged 101.6 hours in 2006. According to this graph (thanks, that's the second highest since flying operations commenced in 2000, second only to 2005, during which the IFR Pilot trekked to Alaska and back. So that's not too bad.

The qualitative breakdown for 2006 is also noteworthy:

  • Total Flights: 55
  • Time in Flight: 101.6
  • Day Landings: 76
  • Night Landings: 23
  • Actual Instrument: 10.4
  • Simulated Instrument: 4.1
  • Approaches: 21
  • Night: 6.5
  • Cross-Country: 79.5
  • Solo: 37.6
  • PIC: 101.4
  • Dual: 16.9
  • High Performance: 2.0
  • Complex: 78.0
So, in sum, 2006 is officially declared a success, notwithstanding the unaccomplished goals.

For 2007, then, the following goals, and the applicable deadlines, are set forth:

1. Commercial, single-engine license. (Written done by February 28; license accomplished by June 30.)

2. Certified flight instructor license. (Written done by September 1; license accomplished by December 31.)

3. Ten Angel Flights.

4. Log 20 hours of actual instrument time and 10 approaches in actual.

5. Return to publishing "Accident of the Week" each week. Or at least on a more regular basis.

6. Publish one freelance aviation article.

And, hopefully with any proceeds generated by #6, get one of these.


k said...

So, the 2006 glass is half full, right?! jCongrats on everything you did in 06, and best of luck in meeting your goals for 07!

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