Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Coming Soon

Perusing the IP addresses of yesterday's visitors and their corresponding geographic locations -- thanks ExtremeTracker.com -- the IFR Pilot saw a Canadian visitor from a town heretofore unknown to the IFR Pilot: Tobermory, Ontario.

What, you say, you're also not familiar with Tobermory? Well, here's where it is:

By all accounts, it looks like a lovely little place for a weekend escape. According to the offical chamber of commerce website, there's hiking, diving, golfing, glass bottom boat tours, and lots of places for the IFR Pilot to use his new digital SLR camera -- perhaps capturing some shots like these:

(Photos from www.tobermory.org)

To get there by land would take about 8 hours, according to Google Maps. Fortunately, there is an airport (CRN4, 3100 x 60 asphalt runway) and the air route is much, much shorter. Straight line distance is 252 NM, so about 2 hours, 20 minutes in Mike Hotel. But the stright-line route would require extended time over Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, so that's a no-go. Here's the proposed route:

It adds about 40 miles and 20 minutes or so, but generally keeps you over land (if you count Lake Erie island-hopping as "staying over land."

Stay tuned for a PIREP.

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Mike_S said...

Hey There !

I'm from Ontario, and I'm a ppl based at CNC3 (Brampton).

I flew into CRN4 a couple of years ago just for the fun of it, though I only did some late twilight touch and go's there, so didn't see much of the scenery :)

Living in Toronto, it was a surprise when I first flew over Ontario and noticed how wide open and almost barren looking the countryside looks from the air.

Especially at night, seeing the
"clumps" of lights representing Toronto, Kitchener, London, with not much in between them