Thursday, September 01, 2005

Jealousy, Plain and Simple

This weekend is the Cleveland National Air Show at Burke Lakefront Airport.

The IFR Pilot's office is located one-half mile to the south of the approach ends of Runways 6L and 6R. My office is visible somewhere here:

Thanks, Google Maps.

Thusly, the IFR Pilot is, each year, treated to fabulous views as the Airshow takes shape, with lots of arriving aircraft, aerobatics practices, and flybys. On occasion, telephone conversations have needed to be halted for the din to subside!

Today, it began again in earnest. I've had a red biplane practicing aerobatics all morning (I think it was Sean Tucker's) and a couple of flybys compliments of the USAF Thunderbirds, this year's headline act. It should only get better tomorrow.

Now, if only I remember to bring to the office the handheld transceiver that I brought back from the hangar. It doesn't do much good sitting on the rec room floor. I'll bring the camera to work tomorrow and see if I can snap a couple of photos, if you promise not to drool on your computer monitors...


MyFlightBlog said...

Glad to hear the Thunderbirds were planning on performing at Cleveland after the Chicago Incident.

I had a fun opportunity to fly with the Lima Lima Flight Team prior to the Chicago Air Show at the press day. Next year you should get press credentials for your blog!

Don Byrer said...

Timt to buy that desktop scanner