Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Getting Worse

Looks like we might actually have been able to make the flight this morning, IF we had departed on time and not stayed at Rick's. More importantly, IF we had a Stormscope or Strikefinder on board. Perhaps it's time for another upgrade to the panel? Methinks so...

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david said...

I bought a used Stormscope on eBay after reading an accident report where a senior airline pilot on vacation (in a plane with no 'sferics) flew himself and his family into a severe storm cell that didn't show up on ATC's radar, tearing the plane to pieces. If you're going to fly in IMC at all, especially on summer afternoon's, it's a must have.

That said, it takes time to get used to it. I still managed to fly into a developing feeder cell (i.e. a small TCU) on one of my first trips, not recognizing the light and widely-scattered returns for what they were -- I knew better on the return trip.