Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Law of Unintended Consequences a/k/a The Great GPS Swap, Update #1

You all know the drill. You bring your car in for a $20 oil change; $100 later, you got an oil change, plus tire rotation, plus, plus, plus. And for dessert, you get a pallet of additional recomended fixes that will break the bank. So you avoid servicing your car.

What makes you think it's any different with a vehicle that moves in three dimensions?

Mike Hotel is in the shop for The Great GPS Swap. So far, this has entailed, in addition to the contracted-for work:
  • Repairs to transponder wiring.
  • Possible replacement of a COM antenna.
  • Installation of an altitutde converter so that the 430 can properly report altitude to the MX-20.
  • Removal and repair of the MX-20 to correct lines on the display.
  • Installation of a (used) glideslope splitter so that the 430 can handle ILS approaches.
  • Permanent installation of antenna and power wires for the 396.
  • Installation of a data line between the 430 and the 396 so that flight plans will automatically upload from the former to the latter.
Now, you see this and say, "That's going to be one bad ass panel when it's done."

I see this and say, "That's going to cost a lot of money..."

And, we still need an oil change. It's good to be an aircraft owner, isn't it?


Eric said...

We too have spent a buttload lately, although most of our costs are from a much less 'wow' upgrade. As much as we'd like to replace our single NARCO (not a real communications option) navcom, perhaps with a 430W or something equally awesome, getting a new and stunningly clear canopy for the little ol' Yankee was higher on the priority list. Of course, now we've got the maintenance guys looking into an odd stuck-mic problem that happens when the flaps reach their full-down position. And then there's the annoyingly audible strobe capacitor...

It is good to be an aircraft owner, isn't it? :)

The Asian Badger said...

LMAO at this post. If you were in private practice the hourly rate would be going UP!

Yes, it is great to be an aircraft owner.

BTW, hope the upgrades go well and you give us some "after" pictures.

IFR Pilot said...

AB, hah! I am in private practice; rates went up January 1, like clockwork. :-)

Niss Feiner said...

Yep I feel your pain! My Plane C-FUBC (1966 Piper Cherokee 140) went in to start her annual yesterday? I cant open a popcan from this nail-biting experience.

Atleast I have a partner to share the misery with :D.

You dont need to be rich to own an airplane, you just have to be ok with being poor....