Sunday, March 18, 2007

Narcissism, Thy Name Is

MS finally got off his duff and forwaded the pictures from our recent jaunt to BKL. Here they are for your viewing pleasure, please excuse the indulgence in posting pictures of your trusty narrator. Per MS, "I'm sick of being the only person in photos on your blog. Post. Pictures. Of. YOURSELF."

Roger that, captain.

Short Final for BKL's Runway 24R.

Your Trusty Narrator Gettin' His PIC On.

Very Short Final, BKL 24R.

Guess Who?

Here's A Hint...

Crosswind Over A Slightly Frozen Lake Erie.

A Even More Frozen Lake Erie.

C-Town In All Its Glory.
See why I get distracted at work?


Anonymous said...

Such great pictures of the ever wonderful narrator (of course I am partial). Thanks MS.


Anonymous said...

Arrow IV = Awesome, love that T tail

Eric said...

The Arrow IV is just a baby Seminole! ;)