Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Night Recap

Needed a total of 1.5 hours, and got 1.7. Total night solo hours: 5.3. We're covered for the commercial!

First destination was New Philly. Needed to drop off the 430 and accessories to the folks that will be doing the upgrades in the next couple weeks, so this was a good way to avoid more postage and insurance charges! It was very calm in the air despite reports of slight to moderate turbulence below 8000 feet.

But the winds were powerful out of the west, between 30 and 40 knots. That made the first attempt at landing a bit of a challenge, and I ended up going around rather than try to make an excessive turn on final to realign with the runway. Just need to avoid those hills over there to the east of PHD....

Second time's the charm, helps to use a HUGE cross-wind correction on downwind and extend it a bit. A long final approach is OK by me. Use that VASI on the left, get two white, two red, over the numbers, ahhhhhh, that's it, down and safe. Taxi to park and drop off the big box that was in the back seat.

Chatted with a local for a while, he cautioned to watch out for deer on the end of runway 32. Suggested a back taxi to ensure the runway was clear, so I took that advice. Nope, no venison in sight. We're outta here!

Off to the west, hello headwinds. What's that? 90 knot ground speed? C'mon, we can do better than that? Ohh, hello 105 knots. Well, that's the best we're gonna get with that direct headwind.

No matter, cleared to land runway 23 from 5 miles out. Left base, gear down, flaps down, align that VASI. Uh-oh, excessive sink rate, add power. Hmm, more power. Hmmm, even more power? Note: Climb power should not be used on final approach, hold off on the last 10 degrees of flaps next time!

Down and stop, Tower calls "Welcome to Mansfield." Thanks, want to tell me why the Flying Turtle is closed until further notice? No $100 breakfasts this Spring I guess.

Takeoff, left turn, head for the Home Base. Yeah, baby, that headwind is now a 40 knot tailwind! Wahooooooooooo!

Over the Salt Shaker, 45 to left downwind 21, level 2000 feet. Gear down, smooth application of the flaps, over the trees (WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO TRIM THE TREES????), cut the power, thunk we're down and home.

Taxi to the hangar. Ouch, I'm stuck in the mud. MS is going to make me clean the plane, I bet...

Now, only an hour drive until I can lay my head down and rest after a long, long day.

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paul said...

Congrats on finishing all the pre-reqs and good luck with the training this weekend.