Saturday, November 18, 2006

Test Flight

MS and the IFR Pilot met at the hangar early this morning. The plan was to test fly Mike Hotel following the 2006 Annual-From-Youknowwhere. That plan was modified after the A&P bravely volunteered to stand behind his work and accompany MS on the first flight.

Worked like a charm. A couple of landings later, including one with the IFR Pilot, and the 2006 Annual has been brought to a close.

Well, almost. We've got three follow-up items, which are being recorded here so they are not forgotten and the A&P can be harassed to actually get them done.

First, the upper white position light on the rudder needs to be replaced.

Second, the front strut needs a nitrogen boost.

Third, the gascolator drain needs to be extended so that it is outside the lower cowl.

Once these items are safely done, the IFR Pilot will be taking Mike Hotel for a litle trip to New Orleans. Time to visit some friends and colleagues post-Katrina.


The Big Pilot said...

Sorry to say I'm LMAO. Not at you but with you. I had an annual like that about 5 years ago on a Dakota.

Happy for you you that all issues are resolved. Best to Brutus.

Maybe you need to raise your billing rates? Just kidding.

Shawn said...

I can appreciate the feeling of finally getting your bird out of 'hock'. I don't think I've had an annual yet that hasn't taken at least 3 weeks. Since purchasing my Skylane , I've rebuilt or replaced just about every ancillary part in front of the firewall. Initially, to bring the bird up to IFR soup standards.

Good luck to you. I got a few hours in an Arrow before buying my Skylane. Nice plane.

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