Thursday, November 16, 2006

Kudos to Aero Accessories

As Chief Aircraft demanded, the IFR Pilot contacted Aero Accessories, manufacturer of the Tempest fuel pump that isn't working. The gentleman on the other end, Neal, listened to my whining with much patience.

Then, to my surprise, he said something along the lines of the following:

"We will send you a new pump, no problem. We'll make it right. But, just from your description, and obviously sight unseen, check to make sure the cam arm is in the full up position before the pump is installed."

A couple hours later, they called to say that they didn't have a new pump to ship, only an overhauled one. I nicely said I didn't want an overhauled pump because I have to send back the one from Chief, which was new. So I'd get stuck with the price difference. After a bit more whining, they said, OK, we'll build you a new pump today, but it won't ship until tomorrow (Friday). I said, fine, that'll do.

In the meantime, we ordered another pump from a different supplier on Wednesday evening, which should arrive on Friday. Our A&P is going to remove the left magneto to make sure that the cam is in the full-up position before the pump is installed. And he says he'll buy the other fuel pump from us, so we don't have to negotiate with one of the vendors for a full-price return.

What a pain in the behind. When will the annual ever end??? The annual we did earlier this year on 78S was so much smoother (and cheaper) in comparison to this one!

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