Monday, November 13, 2006

Random Photos

Out at the hangar tonight to run down the part number for replacing the power supply to the strobes, the IFR Pilot took some random photos for the sake of posterity.

First, here's the panel proudly sporting the new electric standby attitude indicator. Sweet!

Second, here's our brand new gascolator. The mechanic still has a minor bit of reconfiguring to do with the drain so that it will poke out the bottom of the cowl. He's leaving that for after the fuel pump gets installed and he buttons the cowl back up. But at least he bent the cotter pin after I harassed him about that on Saturday...

Third, here's a couple shots of our lovely Lycoming IO-360-C1C6 sans its engine-drive fuel pump (part number LW15473 , AC41234), which the IFR Pilot has to order tomorrow. Cheapest source for a new one appears to be Chief Aircraft at $239.

Fourth, here's the tailcone. Notice the excellent zinc chromate primer throughout. No corrison for us, baby!

Fifth, here's that power supply - a Whelen A413A HDA-DF-14. Look carefully and you'll see that the date of manufacture was October 1978, when the IFR Pilot was 10 years old. Guess we can't complain that the power supply lasted "only" 28 years. Chief Aircraft again looks to have the best price on this at $379.75.

Lastly, and relatedly, here's the stobe lights themselves. Whelen part number A427, 12 volt, 3 pin connector (not three separate blade-style connectors).

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