Monday, October 02, 2006

Wild Hair

Suppose that you, world traveler that you are, want to fly yourself to France.

But, you don't want to attempt to cross the Atlantic in your small, single-engine aircraft. After all, there's a limit to the adventure that you are willing to attempt.

So, you decide that you want to visit the sole French territory in North America: St. Pierre & Miquelon.

What, you've never heard of it? You need to study your geography more if you want to be my Trivial Pursuit partner.

It's located just south of Newfoundland:

OK, so it's maybe not the most beautiful land in North America. The CIA factbook labels the local terrain as "mostly barren rock" and the weather as " cold and wet, with much mist and fog; spring and autumn are windy." But it does look quaint, doesn't it:

Virtual tour of the islands here. Huge! photo gallery here.

Of course, you realize that flying yourself there would involve crossing some rather long over-water legs, unless you come in from the northwest over Labrador, but who cares -- after all, you enjoy your lovely little airplane and don't mind spending time in it.

Anyone know how you'd go about flying into the local airport, ICAO identifier: LFVP? Sadly, the IFR Pilot's knowledge of French -- limited to "Bonjour. Parlez vous Anglais?" -- isn't sufficient to translate this page, which is the link for "Private and Corporate Jets" on the official tourism site. (And the Babelfish translation didn't seem to provide any helpful information on GA flying into the airport either...)

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Err, I thought ATC worldwide used english as the lingua franca..