Sunday, October 22, 2006

Door Repair Status

MS phoned and suggested that we attack the hangar door repair ourselves. So we each collected some tools, and by the time the IFR Pilot arrived at the hangar, MS had already completely disassembled the door.

Through brute strength, and the timely arrival of some other friendly folks at the hangar, we were able to reassemble the door in a couple of hours. Note that 19 foot wide hangar door panels are very, very heavy!

All that remains to be done is to have a professional reinstall the spring-loaded wires that provide tension to the door. Hopefully, we can get a pro out there tomorrow and finish the project, allowing MS to take Mike Hotel on Tuesday.

It appears that I will be buying all $100 hamburgers, omlettes, and chicken wings for the next decade...

1 comment:

k said...

This definitely sounds like a mistake you won't make again! Great job to you guys for resolving most of it yourselves!