Thursday, October 26, 2006

Co-Pilot Hired

It's been a little too quiet around the IFR Pilot's homefront these days. After returning from officiating in completely horrible weather on Sunday night to an empty home where there was no one to complain to about the conditions at the soccer field, the decision was made that it was time to start sharing the residence.

Meet my new co-pilot:

Capt. Brutus Maximus, formerly in residence at the Animal Protective League.

We haven't yet made it to the Home Base, but we will soon. For those in the know, how do I best protect the lad's hearing while in flight?


Neil said...

Looks like a fine boy. Maybe you can teach him to bark when your about to destroy a hanger door. ; )

As for his hearing, Mutt Muff's, of course!

Keith said...

He's cute, congratulations!

Go with the mutt muffs but teaching him to keep them on may take some training.

k said...

Welcome to Brutus! Hope you guys have a great time together!

Mutt muffs are working out for our black lab, and the more he goes up, the less they bother him (and the more he sleeps, too). He only seems to mess with them now when his ears are popping during descents... You'll enjoy the instructions that come with the muffs, should you go with them.

Greybeard said...

Good for you, IFRP.
We just acquired a new Pup too!
(She won't be accompanying me in the helicopter though.)

Lookin' forward to hearing how he travels.

John said...

I'd recommend that you consult a vet about flying with your new bud. The noise is one aspect, but I've also read that dog's ears are more sensitive to abrupt changes in altitude than most human's ears.

Food for thought ...

Anonymous said...

What John says is true but it depends on the dog.

I had a wonderful Black Lab that liked, hell, loved, to fly but the noise bothered him. I used to put a little cotton in his ears...the pressure changes were not a problem. After he passed away, I got another Lab that also loved flying with me but she would yelp when we were descending but didn't seem to be bothered by the noise.

I know this sounds stupid but if you put the Mutt muffs on Brutus, explain to him what and why you are doing it. They seem to understand (assuming you have bonded) and will tolerate it a little better.