Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pouty, Pouty IFR Pilot

The IFR Pilot is pouting today. And nothing's gonna change his mood.

Why, you ask? (Thank you for asking...)

Because as he leans back in his desk chair and admires the view of BKL, sitting out there is a lovely little 1979 Piper Arrow IV, N72MH.

Yes, indeed, that Mike Hotel.

And the IFR Pilot didn't fly him up here.

Seems that MS has some important "committment" in Hockeytown tonight, so he commuted to work via air and then parked Mike Hotel on the ramp.

Right where the IFR Pilot has to ogle the plane all freakin' day.

And MS won't play hooky, with the only key to the plane, and go flying during the lunch hour.

On the upside, MS was able to use the electric winch in the hangar this morning without killing himself or inflicting substantial damage on Mike Hotel. That qualifies as a good day.

And now, the IFR Pilot is going back to pouting.

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