Sunday, August 20, 2006

Resurrection of the 2004 Summer Vacation Report

In the summer of 2004, when the IFR Pilot and Dadster were originally scheduled to visit Alaska, some life events required a change of plans. So the IFR Pilot and Dadster did an aerial vacation in New England. The IFR Pilot wrote a comprehensive series of reports on the trip for an article that appeared on

Recently, the IFR Pilot learned that is no longer being maintained. :-( It was a good source for travel hints and suggestions when planning your next getaway. It's a niche on the Internet that is surprising someone else hasn't moved to fill. (MS, I see you next great entrepreneurial adventure here....)

Anyway, it's sad that the site is gone, because that was the only record that I had of those flights. So, I'm doing a bit of digging in Google's cache and am attempting to resurrect some of the stories, albeit text only. I'll be posting them here as I'm able to recover them.


Anonymous said...

will this help recover your lost writings?*/

IFR Pilot said...

Unfortunately, it will not. I tried there in the first place. I've also written the former Editor in Chief of the site, but he doesn't appear to have copies either. At the moment, all I've been able to recover is Day 1. :-(