Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Food for Thought

Sam recently inquired about one's favorite haunts for the $100 hamburger. Here's a few on this side of the country:

Flying Turtle at MFD. Typical airport cafe, but with huge glass windows facing the ramp. I never knew the airport had an FBO until recently, because we always used the Turtle for our "environmental needs" and fuel was never a concern.

Perfect Landing at PHD. No views of the runway if you are sitting inside the restauant, but you can catch a glimpse of the ramp if sitting at the bar. Also there's a nice patio outside when the weather cooperates. Don't be intimidated by the graveyard that you fly over on final approach!

Rick's Boatyard Cafe at EYE. Only visited the place once, on the flying school trip to tour the Cessna factories. But the food was excellent, the ambiance great, and it's just across the road from the airport. Did I mention it's on a lake?

Airport Cafe at TSO. Pretty much every local flight instructor will drag their students to this little hole in the wall. Not a lot of seating, the menu's somewhat limited, and the service can be lacking. Why go there at all then? One word: Pie. It's some of the best around.

Primo Barone's at FKL. All the Italian you can manage. Great views of the runways, live Jazz on Friday nights, even the locals haunt this place. Be sure to bring breath mints due to the illegal amounts of garlic that will be included in your dinner.

Someplace at the airport at Dawson Creek, British Columbia. Can't remember the name of this place, but it served a heck of a burger while the IFR Pilot and Dadster were waiting out some thunderstorms on the way home from Alaska.

Hornblower's at BKL. Basically, a restaurant located on a barge moored to the lake and abutting the airport. Great views from the topside deck, especially during the Cleveland National Airshow and the Thursday and Friday practice sessions.

JP's Barbeque Ribs and Chicken at TZR. This is a recent addition to the list of places to feed one's face. MS and The IFR Pilot went there a few weeks ago and had to recompute the W&B on Mike Hotel before we went home. I skipped most of my meals the next day to make up for the hedonism that was displayed the night before.

Oh, yeah, don't forget about the free brats and dogs on Saturdays at Sporty's!

That about does it, but if you know some more in the Upper Eastern Midwest (i.e., Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Indiana), send 'em my way. We can always use a new distraction.

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