Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mike Hotel Update

Financing appears set. Insurance is bearable, but a bit expensive -- though not surprising given that, combined, the IFR Pilot and MS have 6.1 hours of retractable time (all if it owned by the IFR Pilot). Schedule is cleared to head to the Left Coast next weekend. Working on what to do with 78S.

By all accounts, acquisition of our Piper Arrow IV, N32MH, is going smoothly. Keep your fingers crossed.

The only hitch is that our lovely insurer requires that we each receive 10 hours dual instruction, followed by 10 hours solo flight, before we can carry passengers in 2MH. This means that our plan to ferry Mike Hotel home ourselves won't work. We gotta hire a CFI.

So, we're calling in all our chips to find someone who, on about a week's notice, wants to fly 2000 miles cross-country. For a reasonable price.

Anyone want to volunteer? Drop me an e-mail (the link's in the upper right corner), and offer a price. You must, of course, be within weight and balance considerations, but also must be a skilled teacher of all things aviation-related, patient and understanding, can deal with the incessant needling that goes on between the IFR Pilot and MS when we fly, and won't argue with us on the station to play on the satellite radio...

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Colin Summers said...

Google Phillip Greenspun. I know that he does those sort of trips quite often.