Monday, August 22, 2005

Upcoming Flight

On Wednesday, the IFR Pilot will be making an Angel Flight for a lung cancer patient. BKL to SYR and back. Two questions for my audience:

1. Anyone ever fly into Syracuse? I'm looking for info about likely routing, transitions, and favored approaches, as well as any other pertinent information so that I don't make a pest of myself to ATC.

2. My pax will be bringing bottled O2. Should I have some means of securing the tank in the cabin? I'm particularly concerned about a situation where we're either in continuous light turbulence or the occasional moderate stuff. I don't want the tank to go flying about the cabin and knock either the IFR Pilot or my co-owner/co-pilot into oblivion. Also, because of the pax's need for 02, should I try to stay as low as possible?

Thoughts, advice, and suggestions are mucho appreciated!

P.S.: If there's a can't miss airport restaurant between BKL and SYR, or at SYR, that the IFR Pilot and co-owner/co-pilot shouldn't pass up the opportunity to visit, those suggestions are also most welcome...

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