Sunday, August 28, 2005

Quick Workout

JP and I went for a quick flight today. Total of 1.6 hours, 1.2 under the hood for the IFR Pilot. Needed to log a hold to keep IFR current. Was a good workout, with three ILS 19'ers at CAK. A quick check of the logbook shows that the IFR Pilot has only flown this particular approach one time before, almost 2 years ago. If I recall correctly, this approach was OTS for quite a while.

Other than being a bit too high, especially on the first time around, there weren't too many problems. As you'd expect, the third time around was the best of the three and the IFR Pilot kept the needles inside the doughnut for the whole approach. To congratulate myself, I made it a stop-and-go instead of just a low approach.

Then, I flew the published missed at BSV. The hold at a VOR was the thing I flubbed when I busted the checkride last summer. Which still irritates me, but that's a post for another day!

Got established the second time around, so I called it a day after that and headed home. The local parachuting operation at Hilty Field went hot, so we had to make sure that we avoided that area. One of these days, I need to fly over the top of it and make sure I know exactly where it is. Probably should program it as a waypoint on the Garmin 430 as well, as it normally doesn't show up.

Sleep tight, y'all. I've got work to get done for the office. Which I will do as I daydream about the upcoming trip to Wisconsin to witness the nuptials of my friend and former CFI, and her beau, the Air Traffic Controller.

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