Thursday, August 18, 2005

Goodbye Friend. I Hardly Knew Ye.

*sniffle, sniffle*

Today, a dear friend and I must part company. Faithful companion. Reliable. Never complained. Always willing to go with me, even at the last second.

Weep not, dear readers, for parting is sweet sorrow. And good for my checkbook. Ka-bam!!!

Yes, yes, the Bose Headset is being sent back today. Along with the completely unused AeroShell Flight Jacket.

Why, you ask. You know why. Just look at the price of avgas. Jeepers, it's pushing $4.00 or more at most places. I'm making an Angel Flight next week to SYR, and they want $4.71 to refuel. Um, hi, I'm a mere mortal, could you please not rake me over the coals for doing something nice for people? Please, please.

Anyway, say goodbye to Mr. Bose's delightful design. Wish I could justify keeping it, but for the relatively limited number of hours that I fly most months, $1000 for a headset can't be justified economically. It'll have to wait until I chuck this day job and become a CFI or freight dog.

Or, maybe keep my day job and still be a CFI. Hmmm, maybe it's time for the IFR Pilot to consider becoming CommercialPilot. Whatchall think about dat?

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John said...

Two words: Do it!