Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Ferry Home Begins

MS and the IFR Pilot are residents of Spokane, WA tonight. It's Day One of The Ferry Flight, bringing N62TB to its hangar at The Home Base. No longer to be a resident of Friday Harbor, Washington, Two Tango Bravo can expect to be plying the skies to Connecticut, Florida, and New Orleans on a regular basis. A full recap will follow when we return. In the meantime, here's today's route - a total of about 450 nautical miles to cover about 220 nautical miles straight-line. Thanks Mother Nature!

Here's a couple other pics for your viewing pleasure:


Bernard Shuford said...

I just want to comment that I really enjoy your blog. Maps and photos are fun to see. I'll likely never be a licensed pilot or own a plane, but reading of your adventures helps me fulfill my aviation bug. Have a safe trip!

Jeffrey said...

Ah the joys of flying cross-country. Maybe I missed it, but what where you flying. My cross-countries are high and with not much adventure any more. Needless, to say, some days it is just work.

Well, I noticed you haven't posted in awhile. Come on, write something.