Wednesday, April 02, 2008

No Flight Time, But Back To The Schoolhouse

Despite multiple potential opportunities to use Mike Hotel to facilitate the IFR Pilot's travels last week, the plane never left the hangar. Instead, it sat all week while miles piled up, both on the PT Cruiser and in the Continental Airlines frequent flyer account. Perhaps the most disappointing was the inability to self-aviate to Montreal (Friday's revised destination, much better than yet another trip to Buffalo), for which the commercial ticket cost in excess of $1500.

Oh well, it was the safe bet all the way around. We did get the new actuator for the gear; with installation, MS and I are out only a total of 2.5 AMU's. (That's Aviation Monetary Units, otherwise known as $100 bills.)

Meanwhile, the IFR Pilot returns to the schoolhouse, compliments of the web. I'll be pursuing a certificate in management studies through Embry-Riddle's worldwide campus. Because, you know, I'm not busy enough!

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nabeel said...

well at least its getting nicer here in buffalo