Friday, March 21, 2008

Changes and Travels

Today, the IFR Pilot became subject to FAR 61.23(c)(3)(ii)(B). In other words, my third class medical is now only good for 24 months instead of 36. As to this, I am not entirely happy. I should have renewed it yesterday. Then, it would have been good for another 36 months. *long sigh*

At least the IFR Pilot can look forward to the following flight schedule next week, assuming Momma Nature cooperates:
  • Monday - Home Base to Buffalo, NY and back
  • Tuesday - Home base to Columbus, OH
  • Wednesday - Columbus, OH to Augusta, GA
  • Thursday - August, GA to Home Base and then to Buffalo, NY
  • Friday - Buffalo, NY to Home Base
And then, to top it all off, on the following Monday: Back to Buffalo.

I'm sure my partners will be happy when I pass out from exhaustion. Of course, the best part of this agenda is that it's all work related, which means the fuel bill gets paid by someone else!!!

5:00 p.m. Update: MS took Mike Hotel for a quick trip around the pattern this afternoon. The gear wouldn't raise. The Mechanic has diagnosed it as a broken actuator. The part's on order, but won't be here until Monday. So, the IFR Pilot will be flying his PT Cruiser to Buffalo instead of Mike Hotel. At least MS and the IFR Pilot were able to fly to Buffalo the other day. One of these days, MS will forward the high-def video that he shot and it'll be posted here...

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Big Country said...

Which airport are you flying to in Augusta? I grew up there, but I have yet to fly there.

Have a safe trip!