Monday, April 21, 2008

Quick Summary

Spring has arrived here in Northeast Ohio. Not soon enough, truth be told. This was a long, crazy winter, typified by the previous week. On Sunday, the IFR Pilot found himself wearing four shirts, gloves, and shorts, refereeing soccer games in temperatures that were barely in the mid-30s. But, by Friday, it was 70 degrees and leaves were returning to the trees.

Anyway, as the weather patterns have trended toward the flyable, the IFR Pilot and Mike Hotel have returned to the friendly skies. So far, we've:

1. Flown to TZR for ribs at JP's.

2. Renewed instrument currency with MS as the Safety Pilot. Returned the favor by safety piloting for MS, too.

3. Renewed night currency.

4. Flown to Dayton for dinner with ML's niece.

In lieu of taking the time to write something substantive, here's some pictures to prove that I'm not just making this up!

"A light lunch at JP's."

"IFR Pilot-In-Command."

"Short Final at TZR." (new desktop wallpaper)

"A little more to the left, please..."

"Wright-Patterson Overflight."
"Me Taking Picture Of You Taking Picture Of Me"

Friday, we're off to Nashville for the Aviation Insurance Association 2008 annual meeting. Then, next week, Atlantic City for the AOPA Legal Services Plan seminar. Good times, indeed. Momma Nature, please send good weather!!!

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Dennis said...

Here in Germany also is, finally, spring. The Piper Arrow is a very nice airplane. Greetings from Germany