Sunday, March 19, 2006

A Plan...

The IFR Pilot's Goal #2 for 2006 is obtaining the commercial pilot, single-engine certificate. Unfortunately, with nearly 25% of the year gone, no progress has been made on this goal (except for reading one chapter in the Gleim study guide).

A plan's been forming in my devious little brain, however:
Take a week off from work, fly twice a day, and knock it out.

The set-up will be to get the basic requirements taken care of: the written, the solo night work, the solo cross-country, perhaps even the required day- and night-VFR flights with a CFI (though those could be saved for the designated week).

Thus, the actual focus of "Training Week" will be on the required performance maneuvers and the complex airplane time.

I saw JD, the CFI I'm planning to work with time, and fronted the idea with him. He seemed amenable, and I'm gonna call him later this week and see if we can pick a time to get it done. Ideally, May would great, as it'll be after daylight savings, so we can fly in the morning and evening, leaving the afternoons open for me to do so solo flying and prep for the oral exam. Plus, it's before thunderstorm season, so we should have (hopefully) benign weather.

We'll see what happens.

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