Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Happy Birthday...

to the IFR Pilot. For my the 38th anniversary of my birthday, should I:

a) Treat myself to a one-hour flight in a multi-engine aircraft (total ME time now: 0 hours).
b) Treat myself to a one-hour flight in a whirlybird (total rotorcraft time now: 0 hours).
c) Take '78S for a $100 hamburger flight.
d) Stay home, watch One Six Right, and eat ice cream?


Anonymous said...

This one's easy:

Go for the twin time. Find a MEL instructor and offer him/her a paid flight to get a $100 hamburger to a place that has ice cream? If you just want to go crazy bring a laptop and watch One Six Right on the way?

Anonymous said...

Hire an MEL instructor to fly you somewhere to get a $200 hamburger pick up icecream and watch One Six Right when you get home :)

Happy Birthday... thanks for the good read.

Capt. Wilko said...

Suggestion above sounds good to me, although you could make the flight to the $200 burger in the twin, then have a helo CFI pick you up for your flight home... Happy birthday, good sir!

John said...

I agree with the others. Find a way to do all three! It's only money after all, and you can't take it with you.

Happy Birthday!

Sushi said...

Happy Birthday! (perhaps a wee bit late). I went with the twin-engine flying for one birthday and back when I was still a student I did my first solo at a controlled field for another! As long as you get in the air...does it really matter which one you do? :-)

Greybeard said...

Warning, Warning!

If you fly the helicopter, you'll never be the same.
Run Away!

The Dixie Nurse said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Hopefully you did all three things.