Thursday, January 26, 2006

Night Flying

High pressure having moved into our neighborhood, the IFR Pilot went out tonight to renew his night currency. Checking the logbook, it's been nearly a month since your hero was behind the controls of the beloved 78S, and the last time at night was before the whole bleeding ulcer nightmare. JS had just taken her up for a chicken wing run to PHD, so the IFR Pilot was relieved of the burden of having to preheat, etc. Merely add a quart of oil and take the sky!

Self-portrait just before the first takeoff:

Hurtling down the runway for the first takeoff was a bit overwhelming, what with only one aboard and half tanks, 78S wanted to climb like a fighter. Well, OK, not quite, but you get the idea.

The first trip around the pattern went smoothly, although getting her slowed down and descending required a bit of concentration. The landing was a bit abrupt, as the night tricks on perception were in full effect.

Second time around, the effort to descend didn't work out, and the IFR Pilot declared an early g0-around. No sense ruining things with a diving approach to the home base's short and narrow Runway 21.

Third time around was much mo' better, as was the final trip. With that, the IFR Pilot is fully night current again.

78S tucked away after the adventure:

Empirical evidence that the IFR Pilot knows nothing about taking pictures at night (this is supposed to be another plane inound for landing....):

Who's up for a trip???

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