Saturday, January 21, 2006

More Aviation Videos

In his continuing quest to avoid doing anything that he really should be doing, the IFR Pilot was again cruising the 'Net. Go here for an incredible collection of aviation videos -- heavy iron, GA stuff, whirlybirds, etc., etc., etc.


Mark said...

Google Video ( also has a neat collection of various aviation related videos.

One must use aviation related search terms in order to find them, but I came across tons of neat videos there as well, from heavy iron, to "Joe PPL" taping his sightseeing flight in a 152. :-)

Mark said...

Oops, Duh - I see you posted about Google Video a few entries earlier.

Must keep more up to date.

(Slaps self upside head)

Dr. Van Skleeve said...

FL 350 is a great site.

Be sure to look for the 747's on short approach over a beach somewhere in the carribean. Very cool. In fact, I even posted them to my Blog sometime ago.

Brandi said...

Very nice videos! Thanks for the link.