Friday, October 14, 2005

Mid-Air Update

Ohio State Highway Patrol confirmed 4 deaths. Weather was VFR, and planes were operating under VFR and, per FAA spokesperson, neither plane was believed to be in contact with ATC.

Dumbest statement ever by local news anchor: "Unfortunately, these small airplanes often don't have flight data recorders." Reeealllllllyyyyyy? In fact, I've never seen a 172 with a flight data recorder. Probably BECAUSE FEDERAL AVIATION REGULATIONS DON'T REQUIRE THEM!!! And, they'd likely cost more than the plane itself.

Sheesh, why don't they call the IFR Pilot for some sound bites?


Greybeard said...

Anyone with any hours in the book at all has close call stories to tell.
One time I looked up and was so close, I could see the bolts attaching the skid to the fuselage of another helicopter. I winced, but we didn't collide.
I shook for an hour from the adrenaline.

So sorry for the families of the victims......

IFR Pilot said...

Similar story in this month's Flying magazine.