Thursday, December 17, 2009

First Repair Job

On firing up the GNS 480 the other day in preparation for a morning breakfast run, an error message popped up. The internal battery needs replacement. Apparently, this happens about once every blue moon (Section 6.4 of the installation manual says the battery lasts "about 10 years"). And even though the prior owner had just sent the unit in for a software upgrade, no one bothered to check the battery while they were poking around inside the unit.

So, the IFR Pilot dropped the unit off today at the Avionics Shop at Constant Aviation, located at "The Big Airport" here in town. One hour of labor and $50 for a battery (plus shipping and tax). Should be returned tomorrow, just in time for a lunch run on Saturday.

As luck would have it, the internal battery on the Garmin 396 ALSO needs replacement. Sheesh! This one, we might tackle ourselves.

Oh, the joys of aircraft ownership!

Speaking of Garmin 396, we have an extra one for sale. E-mail me (address in the upper right corner of the blog) if you are interested. Asking price is $950. Includes all cables, mount, case, and user guide. Some signs of wear and tear, but otherwise completely functional.


Millz said...

My 296 needs that same battery swap out. Sure wish they made that an easier fix!

JetAviator said...

When I learned to fly gps had not even been imagined yet, but I have wondered for some time whether all of this technology and glass cockpit avionics that perhaps safety may not have been enhanced as much as one would hope.

At least with "steam gauges" you don't have to worry about some battery buried inside to quit just when you need it most!

John {JetAviator7} All Things Aviation Blog

Alec S. Kindred said...

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